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A person once asked me whats it was like too have someone taken away from me....
I never did answer them.... I still cant it hurts thinking about that night long ago.
It seems like just yesterday when they stormed in and pulled them away.... At that moment was when I lost my heart it just fluttered away and crumbled in the air.....
Maybe it would be better if I forgot that memory but its not that simple for me.... Because if I try too forget that memory it will take all the memories of the time I had with him, and that would crush me even more...
A man asked me once why I didnt smile anymore...
I remember looking up with tear filled eyes and telling him I couldnt do it anymore... I cant hold it back and pull it behind my wall no more....
My wall is crumbling and is falling I have no place to hide these feelings anymore... I cant be that strong little girl no more....................... She is gone.
My friend once asked why I have insisted on being by myself for weeks now...
I used too tell them that it was because I hate people but the truth was people hated me....
They were afraid of me I never could figure out why I was so threatning to them....
I never wanted too fit in... Never wanted the attention, I always wanted too be alone....
Maybe it was for the benifit of never having too get used to people or getting to close.
I was always afraid they would be taken away..
Today I was asked What the hell was wrong...
I cant answer ever if I tried it would be a never ending list of things wrong

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