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It's called falling in love
Because pin-wheeling arms can't reverse it.
Slow motion rush,
You watch yourself freefall,
You'll tear your hands up on thorns
And branches,
Just trying to stop.
It's called falling in love
Because it's exhilarating,
And frightening.
Love is like adrenalin,
And we're all a little addicted.
So we make the jump,
Thrill seekers,
Too often forgetting a parachute.
It's called falling in love
Because it's not always pretty.
It's not a graceful swan dive,
Its not planned and carried out
With precision movements.
Even if the air is clear up there,
Even if the view is beautiful,
You're breathless as the oxygen
Rushes by your parched lips,
Leaving your lungs to starve.
Yes, it's called falling in love
Because it requires someone to catch you,
When you hit the ground
:iconlunarleviathan:lunarleviathan 60 64
It hurts,
To lose the ones you love
The pain inside,
If uncared for,
There is no remedy
To heal this wound inside,
Instead of the loving arms
Of the friends who care
Only love can heal love
please, heal my pain,
end my suffering...
...heal the hurt...
:icon1malebolgia1:1Malebolgia1 18 4
It's sad
It's sad,
How people lock themselves up,
In their own little world.
We lie to ourselves,
Say that everything's alright,
Everythings fine.
We wear the mask,
And act the part,
And say it's all part of the show.
We live in boxes,
See in darkness,
And speak in lies.
I't's our world
That we live in,
Why should it change?
:icon1malebolgia1:1Malebolgia1 1,584 407
Words can´t describe these feelings I have,
No words can still my heartache,
another wave of sadness washes over me
my chest heaves, I can´t breath, my heart breaks.
I collect myself "I´ll be alright",
I repeat these words reassuring,
I break down again, I fall apart,
I can´t change a thing and all that I´m enduring.
Times heals they say,
things will somehow get better
but losing you changed everything
and I´ll be missing you forever.
A different life for me than planned,
I must go another way,
locked in my heart will be your heart,
for an eternity there you´ll stay.
One more lonely night for me, sleep, it never came,
your photo by my bedside watched  me all night,
I told you, I don´t blame.
You´re forgiven my dearest love, of all that went before.
I hope you´re in the happiest place, find peace for evermore.
A poem
By Suzanne Karbach
:iconsupach:Supach 44 21
A Date With Desire
I travel by train as an insomniac
Become charmed by a scent that acts to distract
I look up quite warily, unable to sleep
As joined by a stranger, my company to keep
Paralyzed to tell whether or female or male
Their body did glow as their skin was so pale
A turn towards me, I recieved such a smile
They shortened my breath in a manner of style
And captured my gaze with eyes full of fire
Leaned forward and whispered "The name is Desire"
I arched up my brow and pondered my worth
Suspicious, though blushing and drunk in the mirth
I tipped forward my hat with a mind of reminisce
And pursing my lips, greeted hand with a kiss
They stirred conversation of unspoken attraction
And smiled once more at my apparent satisfaction
We drew towards the subject of the sweet twin despair
And came to such answers with no prelude in prayer
Their honesty found my voice shortly stuttered
When pondered the problem I mumbled and muttered
But worry did grow and become such a fear
As I knew it would end, I abando
:iconxoxostudios:xoxostudios 15 23
youth of the nation
They always say
Treat your folk's right
Go to school everyday
And bed every night
Say all your prayers
Don't speak your mind
Don't push the boundaries
Or step over the line
Don't talk back
Do not cry
Don't make comments
Don't ask why
Do what your told
Don't break the rules
Don't miss behave
Or act like tools
Don't talk about death
Don't talk about he world
Girls don't talk about boys
Boys don't talk about girls
Wait till your older
No you're too young
You wouldn't understand
Just bite your tongue
No body listens
When maybe they should
The youth of the nation
Are miss understood
:iconeasybeat:easybeat 4 12
White walls, white blank walls,
All among and all around,
My lonely voice the only sound,
To make my fear and pain compound.
Yellow light, plain yellow light,
Swinging there above my head,
Shining down while I'm in bed,
Never dark and never dead.
Metal door, shiny metal door,
Standing there as still as ice,
A slot in which they feed me twice,
Escape so close, it does entice.
Numbers, solid black numbers,
Standing out on my white shirt,
Never glazed with mud or dirt,
Labels I will not subvert.
Voices, low murmuring voices,
Sounding out and near the door,
Echoes on and 'round the floor,
Soft at first, but then a roar.
Men, tall dark men,
Walk into my empty room,
Gaining entrance to my tomb,
Silent whispers of my doom.
Cuffs, dull round cuffs,
Put around my tainted hands,
To take me off to other lands,
To make me do what they demand.
Needle, long gray needle,
Stinging deep into my arm,
I didn't mean to cause such harm,
Suddenly I'm weak and warm.
White walls, white blank walls,
All among
:iconnimpercent:Nimpercent 3 11
C:13 Prussia x CrossDresser!Reader:Falling For You
The radiant heat of the sun hit your peaceful face. You slowly opened your eyes, greeted by its blinding light. You stared at it a few times, hoping to adjust your eyes properly. You let out a yawn, and scratched your head. You felt dizzy, as if you were experiencing a huge wave of hangover. You looked down; you were in your clothes last night, although it was a tad bit messy now. 
" What the did I do last night? " You asked yourself, cocking your head. You groaned, before noticing that Gilbert was sleeping beside you, with a peaceful look on his face. You furrowed your eyebrows. "Alright, what the fuck did I do last night?"
You sat up, and shook yourself. You straightened your clothes, and fixed your hair. S
Standing up, you smelt the reek of alcohol coming from your clothes. You sighed, and walked over to the bathroom. You peeled the disgustingly girly clothes off and stood in the shower. 
The drops of cold water splashed across your body. You felt relaxed, and let out a si
:iconthyprincess:ThyPrincess 143 90
The Best Damn Thing- Reader X Prussia Ch 20
The Best Damn Thing- Crossdresser! Reader X Prussia Chpt 20
(Sighs) I know it’s been quite a while but… now that I’m back in school I can’t really promise ‘very soon’ updates especially since it’s my last year in highschool but that’s good! Because I can still update a new chapter because this hasn’t gone on a hiatus yet! And it won’t any time soon, so I’m glad I can promise you guys that! Anyway I think we’ve got at least 10 maybe 12 more chapters yet since more drama is about to make its way into this long story! There's a 'She's The Man' bit of parody in here featuring O.A.R!! I couldn't help myself I've gotten a bit of comments that involved that movie so I'm gonna give ya'll a little treat.
I won’t give any spoilers because not even I’m too sure what I’m going to write later on but I’m still in the process of planning!  This story’s gotten quite a lot of praise and I can&
:icona-chan-the-great:A-chan-The-Great 198 107
The Graveyard
The gravestones,
They stare,
With unending despair,
And the flowers they burn without fear.
The land,
Without sound,
Has many a mound,
And even the crows shed a tear.
The writing,
It burns,
As each season turns,
And Time is not welcome in here.
The clouds ,
They loom,
With impending doom,
The shadows are always cast near.
The gates,
They swing,
A rusty old ring,
A gateway they guard with a gear.
As for me,
I am dead,
My last words been said,
Now out of the ground I must peer.
:iconnimpercent:Nimpercent 8 7
Wolf Cyborg Open for Auction (CLOSED) by shrimpHEBY Wolf Cyborg Open for Auction (CLOSED) :iconshrimpheby:shrimpHEBY 1,356 103
On To Dead Little Girls
Spiders hang from threads made of shadows.
Blood dripping from his tongue,
Silence flooding the sky.
He’s pouring salt along open wounds,
Bandaging them with dust,
Disinfecting with poison.
Black roses on a coffin
For a small little girl
In a pale pink dress
And cuts along her
Frozen clocks begin to move
The sun has risen,
Early morning light
Shining brightly in the sky.
He walks to the graveyard,
Setting white daisies on
The little girl’s
Days go by,
And he sits there.
Tearing petals off the flowers,
And a butterfly lands on one daisy.
So gently,
So elegantly,
So sweetly,
So innocently.
He crawls on his hands and knees,
Holes in his clothes,
Dirt on his fingers.
He tickles the butterfly
And treasures it until it dies.
For the best thing to do
Is rip off the wings of a butterfly…
And sew them onto dead little girls.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 125 27
Bones by KissesKerosene Bones :iconkisseskerosene:KissesKerosene 1 0


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A person once asked me whats it was like too have someone taken away from me....
I never did answer them.... I still cant it hurts thinking about that night long ago.
It seems like just yesterday when they stormed in and pulled them away.... At that moment was when I lost my heart it just fluttered away and crumbled in the air.....
Maybe it would be better if I forgot that memory but its not that simple for me.... Because if I try too forget that memory it will take all the memories of the time I had with him, and that would crush me even more...
A man asked me once why I didnt smile anymore...
I remember looking up with tear filled eyes and telling him I couldnt do it anymore... I cant hold it back and pull it behind my wall no more....
My wall is crumbling and is falling I have no place to hide these feelings anymore... I cant be that strong little girl no more....................... She is gone.
My friend once asked why I have insisted on being by myself for weeks now...
I used too tell them that it was because I hate people but the truth was people hated me....
They were afraid of me I never could figure out why I was so threatning to them....
I never wanted too fit in... Never wanted the attention, I always wanted too be alone....
Maybe it was for the benifit of never having too get used to people or getting to close.
I was always afraid they would be taken away..
Today I was asked What the hell was wrong...
I cant answer ever if I tried it would be a never ending list of things wrong


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